RUMI Scientific's mission is to revolutionize the landscape of drug discovery through its proprietary human stem cell technology that uses single-cell, time-lapse imaging, and customized analytic tools to inexpensively and more effectively identify treatments for human genetic diseases

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A platform inspired by life's most critical period of embryonic development

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Targeting some of the most devestating and untreatable neurodegenerative diseases

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Building a new platform that will revolutionize drug discovery and our understanding of the earliest developmental abberations in human genetic diseases

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Drug development is a lengthy, expensive process with unpredictable outcomes. Pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and biologists work through toxicity trials, clinical phase testing, with little done to help accelerate the time-consuming process. The reliance on classical drug-screening assays has led to these long-lead times, and there is an urgent need for highly quantitative screening platforms that quickly and inexpensively assay compound efficacy. Meanwhile, patients continue to suffer and hope for new treatments is dashed by time and development requirements. Over 30,000 Americans suffer from Huntington's Disease, a genetic, neurodegenerative disorder with no effective treatment and 100% mortality. Huntington's patients and their families are made aware of the disease's existence through genetic testing, but have no options to stem its terrible implications. Because of the small number of Huntington's sufferers, very limited progress has been made combating the disease, or even affording time for scientists to study the disease at length within a sample group. As with Huntington's, a solution is needed for the developers of drugs to improve their success rates, speed up development and ultimately enhance outcomes for patients.

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RUMI Scientific was formed with the express goal of speeding up and reducing the cost of the development of revolutionary treatments for genetic diseases, while aiming to develop proven, effective treatments for these diseases, with an initial focus on Huntington's Disease. RUMI intends to do no less than create a new paradigm of drug development and new treatments for genetic diseases that greatly enhance outcomes for patients. RUMI's Team and Technology provide the most promising path for creating faster, more effective screening, development, and implementation of drugs to treat genetic diseases.

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